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MARK RATCLIFFE - Osteopathic Services
D.O - Diploma of Osteopathic Medicine image of Mark
GOsC Registered UK – General Osteopathic Council
AOA – Australian Osteopathic Association
Cert Ost – Certificate of Osteopathy

Mark Graduated from British School of Osteopathy London and became a member of The Register of Osteopaths. Within a few years Mark established himself as a leading Osteopath and working closely with GP’s in Burnley they realised the value of Osteopathy and as a result Mark was employed to be the sole provider of Osteopathy to over 150 GP’s within the NHS (National Health System). The aim of the osteopathic service was to get to spinal problems whilst in the primary care stage. Spinal problems tend to be progressive. By treating them early it was found far fewer cases were progressing to the secondary care stage. With such a successful result he was invited by the National body of Osteopaths to lecture to groups of Osteopaths, he also lectured in clinical biomechanics and sports injuries. While based at Leeds University Mark as part of The National Council for Enabling Osteopathic Research hub, developed and formulated a standard questionnaire used in the UK and Australia. Mark has a strong interest in sports injuries and running injuries in particular, this stems from his younger days when he competed in full marathons in the UK and Europe. Mark has written articles for newspapers, magazines, interviewed on BBC radio on this particular subject. A few years ago Mark spoke at the National Osteopathic Conference in Sydney, on management of postural problems. In 2007 Mark and his family emigrated to Australia to enjoy a full family lifestyle, Marks Osteopathic practice is expanding to accommodate the many clients that are seeking treatment for sports injuries, treatment for babies and children, and special treatment for seniors. Mark has endorsed personalised Yoga routine to complement your Osteopathic treatment by a highly experienced yoga teacher, to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

AMANDA HEYES BAppSC (Osteo). Grand Dip ) Osteo.Paed)

The practice is delighted to announce Amanda is now available for consultation here at our new location.

While available to treat patients of all ages, Amanda has a particular interest in the treatment of babies and children. Osteopathic treatment is, in most circumstances, a soothing therapy. Babies are usually comfortable lying on the treatment table as the osteopath works, applying light and specific pressure to release tension in the tissues. There are other positions infants can be placed in for treatment as well (eg the feeding position) and this will be discussed during the consultation.

Please call 9371 3422 to make an appointment

ANDREA MORAVA – Prana Yoga Teacher
The Practice is pleased to welcome Andrea an exceptional Prana Yoga teacher with over twenty years’ experience who will liaise with the osteopaths to compliment your treatment by creating a tailor made yoga work out just for you. To make an appointment for consultation with Andrea please call our practice on 9371 3422 or Andrea on 0405273194

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